Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting Back to Telling Stories

I'm heading to a blogging conference and it occurred to me the other day that, while I've not been very good about blogging lately — though I want to and, as a writer, need to and plan to (which is why I'm going to a blogging conference) — I should get some business cards that actually show off my blog.

A good friend and fabulous designer offered to help during a spare hour or two at work and this is it. The other side has my contact info.

But then it occurred to me that if I give this card out, which I totally plan to, people might actually go to my blog to see what it's like.

Which is when I basically realized I have nothing to show. Well, that's not true. I have posts here. And I like to think most are evergreen. But the last post is from April and the one before, well, too long to say.

My reasons are good. Life has been filled with unexpected turns for the past two-plus years — most of those turns unwelcome, from one family illness to another to a colony of cats of which I had no choice but to take control.

As I tell people, because I feel it's apt, it's like my life was like one of those dioramas you make in grade school. You know, like in a shoebox, you create a little world.

For whatever it's worth, messy or neat, my life was that diorama, I tell people. Then, gesturing as if I'm holding an open shoe box, I shake it violently before dumping the proverbial contents onto the floor. That is what I feel has happened to my life as it was.

Dramatic maybe. And I blame no one. Life happens. But that's how I felt.

Not all the changes have been bad. Though I would not choose to repeat any of them if I could go back. But I have tried to find lessons and gifts and quite often humor from each experience, each heartache, each disappointment. And that is what I want — what I need — to write about.

As a girlfriend told me two years ago — after I told her everything I was dealing with, so much it brought her to tears: "You have to write about this. You could help so many people."

I hadn't thought about it like that. As a writer, I knew it was certainly great material. So that is why I thought a blogging conference was just what I needed right now.

Well, that and the inspiration you get from handing out business cards telling people to "look here."